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Why do we get sick?
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Weekend Seminars
The Origins of Disease The Road to Recovery

A Holistic Health Weekend Conference

March 18th20th -- Franklin, Tennessee (Nashville area)

An exploration into the root causes of illness and emotional imbalance

Individual Lectures

A Systems Approach to Healing

Comparing symptomatic medicine with a whole body-mind-person approach

Acid & Alkaline Demystified

An intuitive approach to understanding one of the most fundamental causes of disease ... and one of the simplest means of reversing illness.

The Physics of Food

The relationships between the things we consume and our health ... how each and every aspect of our food affects our bodies and emotions.

The Physics of Water

Small differences in the quality and the quantity of water we drink can translate into big changes in our health. Should the "8 glasses a day" rule just evaporate?

Carbohydrates: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

An overview of the work of Dr. Terry Shintani and his book "The Good Carbohydrate Revolution" to help you truly understanding protein, carbohydrates and fat.

The Body Electric - Seeing the Unseen

We are surrounded by electric and magnetic fields. What you can't see ... can hurt you.

Is There Something in the Air?

The EPA has ranked indoor air quality in the U.S. as 5 times more toxic than the outdoor air in our largest cities. But you can reverse this equation in your own home.

Digestion, Allergies & Autoimmune Disease

How multiple nutritional and environmental factors interact to set the stage for some of the most misunderstood and devastating degenerative conditions


Last modified: 02/21/05