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Carbohydrates: The Good, Bad & Ugly

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Carbohydrates: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

by Morgan Jones

Today high-animal-protein, low carb diets are sweeping the land: Dr. Atkins, the Zone, and Protein Power. All advise you to drastically restrict your carbohydrate intake. While the nutritional science is highly questionable, this formula for rapid weight loss is very appealing in the U.S. and other countries where obesity is epidemic: You will lose weight eating mostly animal protein because your metabolic state automatically switches into survival mode to burn fat when starved of the carbohydrates that normally supply our energy needs.

Unfortunately low carb diets also involve heavy consumption of exactly the high-saturated-fat, high-cholesterol foods that lead inexorably to atherosclerosis, heart attack, a depressed immune system response, fatigue, kidney stones, sexual dysfunction, and a number of other life-threatening degenerative conditions. In fact, the news media are now reporting that Dr. Atkins was obese and suffering from serious heart disease at the time he died from injuries he received in a fall.

Heres the good (and important) news: Not all carbohydrates are created equal, and many are the near perfect anchor for a balanced and economical human diet that will:

       Make it easy to lose weight (if you need to)

       Quickly bring your cholesterol, blood pressure & blood sugar to healthy levels

       Naturally help you recover from serious illness

       Protect you from future degenerative disease

       Keep your energy high

       Give you the best possible fuel for mental clarity and creativity

       Help to ensure your golden years are spent enjoying an active life rather than in a nursing home or assisted-living facility

In this lecture, Morgan will present the groundbreaking work of Dr. Terry Shintani, a Hawaii-based M.D. with a Masters in nutrition and 25 years of macrobiotic study and practice. Dr. Shintani has debunked the Atkins approach through his own research and clinical trials. Morgan will explain, simply and clearly:

       How Dr. Shintani conducted his research and what he discovered

       How and why each different form of carbohydrate interacts differently with human digestion and physiology

       Why a high-protein diet can be dangerous to your health

       How these findings fit into a systems approach to choosing your own personal path to optimum health and vitality


Last modified: 02/21/05