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Books, Videos & DVDs.

Books: Dentistry—Recommendations by Morgan Jones

Information on mercury-laden dental amalgams (fillings), root canals, and more.

Books: Diagnosis & Bodywork—Recommendations by Morgan Jones

Your face & your body reflect the condition of your inner organs and your overall health..

Books: Introduction to Macrobiotics —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

These are the best place to start for simple explanations of how our diets, lifestyles, and environments profoundly affect our health & happiness ... day to day and over a lifetime.

Books: Macrobiotic View of Diet and Health —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

What we eat ... turns into us! Food supplies the raw materials to create our blood, our tissue, our organs, and our glands. Together these define our ever-changing body chemistry and thus our thinking, feelings, judgment and behavior.

Books: Properties & Energies of Foods —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

As our bodies and minds become more cleansed from a change to grain- and vegetable-based diet, we more easily sense the subtle differences between foods. These detailed works can help you deepen your understanding of the unique nature of each thing you put into your mouth.

Books: Macrobiotic Cookbooks —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

Our favorite cookbooks from the best chefs and teachers so you can duplicate the most delicious and healing meals.

Books: Macrobiotic Healing Stories —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

These well-documented personal healing journeys can serve both as inspiration and guidebooks as you write your own story of recovery and revitalization.

Books: Macrobiotic Home Remedies —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

The cure is—quite literally—in the kitchen...

Books: Macrobiotic Philosophy —Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

The seemingly discreet aspects of life, the Universe, and everything are really just interconnected parts of the whole of existence. We humans are smart enough to understand how the pieces of the puzzle of life fit together and influence each other in a systematic manner.

Books: Permaculture & Traditional Agriculture—Recommendations by Dick Pierce

By understanding the appreciation all of the earth's people once felt for the web of life that sustains us, we modern souls can reconnect with the sacred source and begin to see the many ways each choice we make will later affect the health of ourselves, our families, and the planet.

Videos: Macrobiotic Theory & Diet—Recommendations by Morgan Jones and Dawn Steinborn

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Class Materials for One Part Harmony Lectures & Seminars

Making (Good & Bad) Carbs Better—by Dr. Terry Shintani

Tips for preparing and eating carbohydrates for optimum health..

EMF Shielding for Cell Phones, Computers, Etc.

LessEMF.com, Albany, New York

Information and products to help you protect against the body-penetrating effects of electromagnetic fields and the radiation from cell phones and cordless phones. For cell phone shields, click on EMF Shielding Devices.

Genetically-Modified Food Information

See also Interesting Articles on our site.

Articles about the history and dangers of genetically-modified (GMO) foods


Amberwaves (Planetary Health, Inc.), Becket, Massachusetts

Amberwaves is a network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering (GE). Join Amberwaves and receive a subscription to The Amberwaves Journal.

Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods, Seattle, Washington

The only thing stopping the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act from being passed into law is that members of the U.S. Congress need to hear from many more concerned citizens like you.

Future of Food, a film by Deborah Koons Garcia

“This stylish film is not just for food faddists and nutritionists. It is a look at something we might not want to see: Monsanto, Roundup and Roundup-resistant seeds, collectively wreaking havoc on American farmers and our agricultural neighbors around the world.”—The Telluride Daily Planet

Union of Concerned Scientists

An independent nonprofit alliance of more than 100,000 concerned citizens and scientists who aim to augment rigorous scientific analysis with innovative thinking and committed citizen advocacy to build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world.

Macrobiotic Counseling and Education

See also Publications and Macrobiotic Information Web Sites below.


French Meadows Summer Camp, Tahoe National Forest (Auburn, California area)

Each summer families and friends with an interest in macrobiotics from all around the country gather in this beautiful natural setting. to camp, create community, enjoy amazing meals, and learn from some of the most senior macrobiotic teachers in the world in open-air classrooms. Hosted by George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Chico, California

Ki of Life, Virginia Harper, Franklin, Tennessee (Nashville area)

Macrobiotic health counseling, macrobiotic education, catered meals, shiatsu & residential healing programs

Kushi Institute, Becket, Massachusetts

Kushi Institute, a division of the Kushi Foundation Inc., is the leading macrobiotic educational center in the world. Here students from around the globe attend residential-style programs on the macrobiotic approach to health and healing.

Macrobiotics America, David & Cynthia Briscoe, Oroville, California (Chico/Sacramento area)

Macrobiotic health counseling, online macrobiotic education & counselor training, residential healing programs, schedule of traveling seminars

Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, Austin, Texas

Macrobiotic education including a two-year professional healing-cuisine culinary program and over a hundred different community classes

Macrobiotic Foods & Healthy Cookware

Diamond Organics, Freedom, California

Guaranteed overnight delivery of fresh, organic produce to every address in America

Discount Natural Foods, Hooksett, New Hampshire

Traditional macrobiotic, vegetarian, and vegan products at great savings. High-end cookware, including juicers, grain mills, blenders, dehydrators, pressure cookers, and more.

Gold Mine Natural Foods, San Diego, California

Mail order suppliers of very high quality staple food and cookware

Kushi Store, Becket, Massachusetts

Mail order suppliers of very high quality staple food and cookware

Natural Epicurean Store, Austin, Texas

Only the very best organic staples from around the world (grains, beans, see vegetables, miso, etc.) and the safest professional cookware

Natural Lifestyles, Asheville, North Carolina

Mail order suppliers of very high quality staple food and cookware

Macrobiotic Information Web Sites

Cyber Macro

A fully interactive web site designed to be a macrobiotic resource for the entire internet community. (Created and maintained by the good folks at Discount Natural Foods.)

Macrobiotic Meals

Casa de Luz Center for Integral Studies, Austin, Texas

Organic macrobiotic meals 7 days a week and a campus that is home to teachers & therapists of yoga, tai chi, macrobiotics, and other healing modalities

Mobile Meals, by Ki of Life learning Center, Franklin, Tennessee

Full macrobiotic meals prepared twice-a-week and delivered to the individual's home or place of employment. Mobile Meals often assist those making a transition to a macrobiotic lifestyle. Only organic ingredients are used whenever possible.


See Sustainable Agriculture below.


Amberwaves Journal, published by Planetary Health, Inc., Becket, Massachusetts

Amberwaves is a network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering (GE). Join Amberwaves and receive a subscription to The Amberwaves Journal.

Macrobiotics Today, published by George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Chico, California

A wonderful bi-monthly journal that publishes articles on all aspects of the “great life” written by members of the macrobiotic community (teachers, writers, counselors, and just plain folks).

Sustainable Agriculture

See also Genetically-Modified Food Information above.

Organic Consumers Association, Little Marais, Minnesota

Campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade & sustainability

Patricia Michael, Austin, Texas

Landscape Designer and permaculture consultant

Permaculture in Austin, Texas

Sustainable agriculture for sustainable culture

Soil Association, (United Kingdom)

The heart of organic food and farming.

Sustainable & Non-Toxic Building & Remodeling

Eco-Wise, Austin, Texas

Healthy building materials, household & personal care products, bedding & clothing

Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology, Clearwater, Florida

Offering greener than green education for  design, inspection & building professionals to promote the use of healthy building principles to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them

Oasis Design, Santa Barbara, California

Grey water systems theory and design Why to use them, how to choose, build and use them, regulations, studies, and examples. Includes grey water irrigation, grey water treatment, grey water filters, and indoor grey water reuse.

Sustainable Building Coalition, Austin, Texas

Facilitating the organization & exchange of information to foster: healthy and ecologically-sound built environments, sustainable resource use, and responsible and healthy businesses

Swanson & Associates, Austin, Texas

Designing & building healthy homes, offices and conference centers worldwide

Virtually Heaven Foundation, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Intentional architecture and eco-village design & consulting in the Caribbean

Water Filters

Wellness Filters, Gainesville, Florida

These are the highest quality water filters on the planet and the ones we recommend for their healing and strengthening qualities.


Last modified: 02/21/05