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Origins of Disease - Road to Recovery

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The Origins of Disease


The Road to Recovery

A Holistic Health Conference

Integrating Medicine, Science, Ecology, Nutrition & Traditional Wisdom

March 18th20th    Friday evening & all day Saturday & Sunday

Franklin, Tennessee (Nashville area)  ■  The Ki of Life Learning Center

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What Kind of Health Are You Choosing?

Most of us live today with the unstated expectation that our lives will inevitably bring ever-diminishing physical vitality, ever-lessening mental capacity, steadily increasing pain, and the very real possibility of residency in a nursing home. We assume that our health is governed by genetics (“All the women in my family get breast cancer”), statistical probability (“One out of four people living in the U.S. will die of heart disease”), or just plain luck (“Why did I have to get diabetes?”). And many of us take for granted that if or when we get sick, some doctor, hospital, medical miracle procedure, or pill will provide the quick fix; even if the fix we choose involves acupuncture, aromatherapy, supplements, or chelation. (“It worked for my cousin, so maybe I should try it.”).

But there is another path.

As students of a macrobiotic view of health, we have come to understand that our human physiology is governed by fundamental natural laws. We have discovered that good health—just like bad health—results inevitably from the cumulative effects of the many small choices we make each day. By simply learning how our daily choices affect our bodies and our thinking, we can choose to create—for ourselves and our families—better physical, emotional, and spiritual health as a foundation for deep and lasting happiness.

Included in the weekend seminar:


A series of 8 lectures by Morgan Jones, Larry Gust & Dick Pierce


A question & answer panel with Morgan, Larry, Dick, and guest panelists Dawn Steinborn (The Natural Epicurean Academy) and Jim Holland (Eco-Wise)


Delicious organic, vegan, healing meals prepared by Dawn Steinborn, in concert with senior students of The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts and staff and students of The Ki of Life Learning Center (Franklin, Tennessee)


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