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The One Part Harmony Team

Penelope Bjorksten

Research, Editorial & Menu Planning

Penelope, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, is a long-time student of macrobiotics, having studied at The Vega Center in Oroville, California with Herman & Cornellia Aihara and with David & Cynthia Briscoe, as well as with Michio & Aveline Kushi at The Kushi Institute in Beckett, Massachusetts.

Penelope has spent thousands of hours in researching, organizing and editing the materials we present in our seminars and lectures, and her incredibly energetic meals sustained our entire crew through many a 70-hour week of seminar preparation. She is also responsible for heading the team of talented cooks who plan the menus for the meals we serve at our weekend seminars. Penelope is a student and practitioner of the interrelated but distinct disciplines of Chinese Four Pillars astrology and Flying Star Feng Shui (the oldest and most sophisticated system of Feng Shui, also called classical Feng Shui).

Penelope Picking a Peck of Pickled Plums


Henna Goddess

Christina Wernham

Photography & Presentation Graphics

Christina is a talented photographer, painter, and henna artist. She took many of the amazing photos we use in our presentations, and she created each of the hundreds of graphic images we use in our lectures. In her spare time she plays guitar, sings, cooks macrobiotic meals, and just generally raises the curve for what it means to live a large life.


Alexa Jackson

Logistics, Presentation Concepts, Marketing Graphics & Videography

Alexa is a musician, still & video photographer, masseuse, energetic healer, macrobiotic teacher, and student of permaculture. She serves as a guide for the team effort of creating the conceptual framework for our presentations, and she handles the graphic design for our marketing and outreach materials. Alexa also leads the logistics efforts for our seminars and videotapes our lectures so we can review them as a part of our ongoing effort to enhance and refine the content and delivery.

Alexa is the cute one to the right of

Japanese water scientist Masaru Emoto.


Last modified: 02/21/05