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The Origins of Disease - The Road to Recovery

Nov. 2004 — Casa de Luz Center for Integral Studies, Austin, Texas


This has been a wonderful experience. Dawn's food has expressed warmth and taste—to the point that I sit and relish and bask in it. Morgan's generosity of spirit shines through in his teaching. Larry Gust and Dick Pierce have inspired me to change. Thank you, all!

         – Carolyn Silva


The food was amazing, as well as the lectures. I learned quite a bit and I'm very excited about expanding my practice. Thanks again, Dawn and Morgan!!

        – Christy Morgan


Thank you for the inspirational & wonderful weekend. God bless you all!

        – Rosemary Coleman


This class was completely profound, and I am so grateful. Bless you, Morgan, and the cooking staff!

        – Anonymous

Oct. 2004 — Cotton Tree Foundation, Port of Spain, Trinidad


This weekend was just the greatest experience I've ever had. This is what I have been looking for all my life,  and I am grateful to all for having me here. I am sure that my life has changed already. I am thankful for the love, food, knowledge ...

         – Kathy Rogers


The weekend was an absolutely delightful experience—a fantastic reintroduction to macrobiotics. I will do my best to continue on this path

        – Robert Nunes


This could be a turning point in my life ... I have been searching for a way to achieve balance in my body systems. Thank you for this enlightenment. The food was wonderful.

        – Susan Hale


The weekend was very enjoyable and informative. The speakers were excellent, and I'm glad I came!

        – Mark Forde


Being in such refreshing company made an indescribable impact on my life. So much so that I instantly began my own personal journey to being truly healthy and well. Thank you all so much.

        – Janine Lazarus


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