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The Physics of Food

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The Physics of Food

by Morgan Jones

Do you know the expression “Garbage in, garbage out”? Most of us can apply this simple equation to many aspects of our lives, but somehow it easy to overlook when it comes to eating. Yet eating is undoubtedly the most intimate act a human being performs. The food we put in our mouths today—and then chew and digest—literally becomes part of our bodies, our minds, and the chemistry that controls our thinking and emotions, tomorrow. And when we eat foods that clog our organs of elimination, they can begin to accumulate for weeks, months, and even years. The result of such accumulations can be obesity, serious degenerative disease, and, eventually, clogged thinking and even a breakdown of mental clarity.

In this presentation Morgan will explore with you the fundamental reasons we eat, why we make the dietary choices we do, how past choices dictate specific cravings in the future, and how to apply good judgment when “listening to your body.”

What, then, is the best human food? Evolution and physiology can provide many clues; and different species have different nutritional needs. And how do our bodies respond to consumption patterns that do not match the needs of modern humans?

What about the bigger picture: Food with a capital “F”? Morgan will use a systems approach to help you decide how you want to nourish yourself—with food, habitat, and relationships—to create the you of tomorrow.


Last modified: 02/21/05