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About Morgan Jones

Our weekend exploration of the true nature of disease will be lead by Morgan Jones, a software entrepreneur and long-time student of a natural path to health and happiness. Morgan teaches a systems approach for choosing the appropriate healing modalities for each individual’s unique health challenges.

 For the past 10 years Morgan has studied and taught the principles, philosophy, and practices of macrobiotics as a way of understanding our human nature and the interrelatedness of all aspects of life. Morgan’s own view is that by appreciating the qualities and limitations of human physiology, we can learn how to live in harmony with the natural order of the Universe to maximize health and happiness. By understanding the origin of disease we can avoid the role of the helpless victim—ready to delegate all responsibility for recovery to the experts—when illness does occur.

After 30 years of work in many aspects of computer technology—including 13 years as President and CEO of Tymlabs Corporation, a systems software development enterprise he founded in Austin, Texas in 1980—Morgan appreciates the challenges of applying holistic wisdom to the more hectic, toxic, and stressful lives we lead today. Thus he sees even greater reason to study the essential physiological, emotional, and spiritual characteristics of the human body and mind. For only then can we each be empowered to make the best possible decisions every day for ensuring a life that is long, free of pain, joyful, and made richer by the continued full use of our senses and complete mobility to a ripe old age.


Last modified: 02/21/05