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Dawn Steinborn

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About Dawn Steinborn

Dawn Steinborn serves as Director and Senior Instructor for the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, a macrobiotic school she owns in Austin, Texas, where she teaches full-time culinary students and the general public. Dawn focuses on the details of preparing natural foods that look and taste great, as well as how each ingredient, cooking style, and seasoning choice affects our bodies, our thinking, and our emotions. Under her guidance The Natural Epicurean has grown to be one of the leading healing culinary schools in the U.S. and was cited by Vegetarian Times Magazine as a "Cutting Edge Cuisine" school.

Dawn began her study of food, nutrition, and cooking in 1989 with classes in home-style French cuisine at Université de Grenoble, in France. After her husband developed a serious illness, she discovered the healing potential of an intentional macrobiotic diet. Dawn spent two years as a full time culinary student and teaching assistant at The Natural Epicurean, the school she acquired in 1998. She continues her education each year at The Kushi Institute, a world-famous center of macrobiotic training, and at numerous macrobiotic seminars and conferences and by regularly recruiting other senior macrobiotic teachers and counselors to teach with her in Austin.

Dawn's mission is to nourish, educate, and empower people to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices to enhance and bring balance to life. She has cooked healing cuisine for individuals with serious illness, created menus to balance physical health and calm the emotions for holistic healing conferences and spiritual retreats, and was called upon to plan and provision all meals for a research team spending two weeks in Biosphere Two simulating a manned mission to Mars. Dawn has a particular focus on designing practical strategies for working moms, kids, and busy families. Dawn writes on nutrition and health for Whole Health Magazine, The Wheatsville Co-op Breeze, Austin Monthly, Austin Fit, Natural Home Magazine, and a variety of vegetarian journals. She lives with her husband, Alan, and her 6-year-old daughter (and part-time teaching assistant), Joy.


Last modified: 02/21/05