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Editorial: Could Be Something to This ...

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Could Be Something to this Macrobiotic Stuff ...

by Morgan Jones

01 December 2002

I had a strange experience a couple of weeks ago when one of our students stopped by the school to check in. This particular lady has been studying the macrobiotic approach to healing for a little over 6 months because she was facing a life-threatening battle with pancreatic cancer.

So what was so strange? This woman looked great! She was much more energetic, alive, vibrant ... I don't know how else to describe her. She was glowing!

I have always liked this lovely lady—she has a very gentle and generous nature, but seeing her for the first time in 3 months was a real shock. I no longer felt the kind of sad, sick vibes she had been giving off just a few months before. When we inquired about her health, she reported that her latest checkup found no trace of tumors in her pancreas.

Wow! I was so surprised—pleasantly and joyously surprised, of course, but still surprised.

Why do I find her recovery so startling? I thought to myself. After all, Dawn and I teach every day that health is the natural state of human life, and that restoring good health—even in bleak situations—is not only possible, but something anyone can do with the right support and a lot of desire and dedication for the journey.

Don't I believe the things I teach?

And this lady is not the first person to tell us that our advice was helpful. It seems that at least once a week one student or another drops by to report:


A 25 pound weight loss in a couple of months


A dramatic reduction in PSA count


The return of mental focus after years of feeling scattered


A 60-point drop in cholesterol level


A big increase in energy and no more mid-afternoon drowsiness

bulletThat she has discontinued anti-depression medication

or some equally positive change in his or her health.

Then it occurred to me that I am not immune to the strong programming that bombards each of us all the time. Everyday on TV or in a magazine I see yet another ad for a miracle drug that will cover up symptoms without requiring any effort on my part. If I get a cold or the flu, I can take a drug that will let me get back to work when my body tells me I am sick (and should probably rest). If I find my performance waning in sexual situations, I can take a drug that will increase my blood flow to strengthen erections, and thus reverse (in a few minutes) the combined effects of years of eating meat, cheese, sugar, and alcohol. If I find myself chronically short of breath, I can take a drug to thin my blood so that it can squeeze through clogged arteries. If I get cancer, I can enjoy my chemotherapy now that I have new drugs to take away some of the pain and/or fatigue that comes with this treatment.

So that's it! I am not surprised that a macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle can heal just about any degenerative condition (i.e. heart disease, cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, hypoglycemia ... the list goes on and on). I know this from personal experience. I am just surprised that anyone would go to the trouble. Heck, why not just eat like there's no tomorrow, work like stress is a good thing, and then take the drugs when the inevitable piper shows up for his payment?

I mean, really! The doctors and drug companies make it sound so simple. And I only see happy people in the drug ads on TV—and most are frolicking in sunny and verdant outdoor settings with families, friends, and pets. Seems like a pretty good deal, no? Well, at least if I don't want to drive or operate heavy equipment, I am not pregnant, and I don't mind a little liver damage.

Yes, some of us macrobiotic teachers  have been lucky to discover that we can heal ourselves the slow, powerful, natural way. But still I find it remarkable when anyone else can see through the haze of propaganda from the American Medical Association, the pharmaceutical companies, and the hundreds of private, disease-specific hospitals to find the real truth.

Pancreatic cancer has a 96% mortality rate. So maybe our friend just wanted to improve her odds a bit.

If you are interested in improving your odds, maybe we can help.

Come join us for a ground-breaking weekend health conference called The Origins of Disease—The Road to Recovery. We will try our best to start you down the road to becoming your own nutritionist, your own doctor, your own counselor. Once you understand the deep and inescapable connections between the choices you make and the real impact on your health—both short term and long—you'll find it easier to make better decisions every day. And we’ll explain how, when your challenges call for help, you can best engage and utilize all kinds of experts and healers—be they doctors or herbalists or surgeons or chiropractors or naturopaths or even macrobiotic health counselors—to best advantage, without completely delegating all responsibility for your health to someone else.

So then what? What if you want to learn a lot more about all this natural healing so that you can start to make powerful changes in your own life RIGHT NOW. Again, it's pretty simple: Just sign up with Dawn at The Natural Epicurean for her most basic and most important course: The Fundamentals of Cooking for Disease Prevention & Reversal. In this course, Dawn devotes a separate lecture to each of the main categories of healing foods: whole grains, (land) vegetables, sea vegetables and healing soups. Take this very cool class, and you will understand what a healing meal looks and tastes like. You'll get the training you need to be able to practice at home so that pretty soon, you'll feel confident in your ability to cook for the optimum health for yourself and your family.

When you are ready to take charge of your healing, to take back the power we have all delegated to doctors and other experts, and you are serious about doing what is required to understand how all this stuff works, please come and study with us.

Who knows? There just might be something to this macrobiotic stuff ...

Peace, love, and brown rice.


Last modified: 02/21/05